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Stories Told Through Letters

Experience the Adventure of

Once upon a time, there was a place that kept The Letters of Folklore.

A collection of stories and communications so special to humanity's record of existence, that they were logged, preserved, and stowed to protect their precious contents (and possibly the anonymity of their authors).

But slowly, the stories began to fade, their inky pages disintegrating to the power of time.

The Keepers of The Letters hastened to save the stories, and found only one thing could:


The stories had to be shared. They had to be told, many times, shared with friends and family, with all of humanity, until they reached the status of Lore. 

Only then would the stories be forever etched in the realm of human consciousness, where stories live eternal.

At long last, this treasure trove of tales is ready to come forth, ready to be shared, waiting for you to join the adventure, to help them become... Letter Lore.

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